About a mile or so down the Donegal Bay road is the St. James Township Campground.   Located on a high bluff that runs along part of the north side of the island, this campground offers fantastic views of some of the outer islands and sunsets here are not to be believed.  This is a primitive campground, in other words....no showers and just out-houses.  There are steps down to the lake level and during the summer months you can wash in the lake.

There is a central hand pump for water.  The campsites here are very large and no cement hole in the ground for campfires...just gather some rocks and build your campfire.  Picnic tables are provided and the deputy patrols every day.  A pay phone is available for emergencies.  This photo shows one of the sites and the beautiful view available here.

The charge is $5.00 per night.  This particular one is on the edge of the bluff and over-looks Garden Island which is only a couple of miles away.

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